About the Historic Preservation Commission

The Historic Preservation Council is a government appointed council dedicated to the identification, protection, and conservation of historical and culturally significant structures, sites, and landmarks. This council works to preserve and safeguard historical architecture, landscapes, and artifacts for future generations, often through regulatory oversight, advocacy, and education.

The Historic Preservation Council meets every third Thursday at 6:00 PM.


The Council finds that many buildings having historic, architectural, aesthetic, or cultural interest have been neglected, altered, or destroyed, in spite of the feasibility  of preserving and continuing the use of such buildings and without adequate consideration of the irreplaceable loss to the people of the Commission.

The Council finds that the city has buildings, historic sites, and areas that represent the people who over the years have lived and worked in the city during its history. The City Council has found that the significant character of this city can only be maintained by protecting and enhancing its historic, architectural, aesthetic, and cultural heritage by preventing unnecessary injury or destruction of its landmarks and historic districts which are civic and community assets.

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