File a Complaint

It is the intent of Code Enforcement to resolve a complaint and/or achieve voluntary compliance in a timely manner.  The property owner is ultimately responsible for bringing the property into compliance as per zoning, building, health, safety, related codes, regulations and ordinances.

In instances of disputes between tenants and landlords, this department encourages tenants to contact landlords/property owners in writing and allow a reasonable time for resolution prior to filing this complaint. Complaints pertaining to imminent health hazards that are brought to this department’s attention may be immediately referred to the appropriate program and may be taken without a complainants signature. All other complaints MUST be filled out completely AND SIGNED by the complainant.

If you wish to report a code violation, please download the form below and email to or print and return to Code Enforcement Office, located on the 3rd floor of the City County Building.


3rd Floor of the City County Building

201 West Main Street

Scottsville, KY 42164

Jerry Biddle
Code Enforcement Officer

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