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welcome to
the friendly city

A charming Kentucky retreat at the heart of it all.

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Crosswalk Survey

The City of Scottsville is interested in your feedback on the crosswalks located on the Downtown Square and One Block Off. These surveys will remain anonymous and will be used only for the collection of feedback.

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At the heart of it all,
we are...


Scottsville has a relaxed, casual environment with a distinctly friendly vibe.  Visit our postcard-worthy storefronts and stroll our historic downtown.  Taste the family recipes and new delights we’re serving up in restaurants and bakeries.  Discover our growers and makers, artists and innovators.


Our people are accepted, valued, and have a strong sense of belonging.  We are a highly invested local community that inspires each other to do our best work.  We love to celebrate when one of our own exceeds expectations or goes above and beyond.


Our community has a strong emphasis on working together to achieve success.  We are interested and curious.  We support each other and help each other grow.  Diversity is welcomed and appreciated.


We are growing, innovating, and trying all sorts of new things.  We invite you to explore Scottsville and see what our people are up to.  

A Message from the
Mayor of Scottsville

David Burch

Scottsville Is a small town with a lot of history and a lot of heart. We have a beautiful downtown, a strong business community, a variety of residential choices, busy parks and recreation facilities, numerous healthcare choices, and many active civic organizations.

Scottsville is a warm and welcoming place where we embrace our heritage as we continuously work to enhance opportunities for today and tomorrow. This is a wonderful place to live, to work, to worship, to enjoy—to grow!

Get in Touch!

The residents and government of the City of Scottsville work hand in hand to ensure the Friendly City continues to thrive.  We are curious to know your thoughts, experiences, and ideas!
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